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Can Crowdfunding Save Restaurants?

It's been nearly a year since America began mass closures to protect people against the COVID-19 pandemic. In that time, small businesses all around the country have contended with difficult and strange new safety precautions. The restaurant industry, in particular, has suffered more than average; from capacity restrictions to outright caps on dine-in services, hospitality has found creative ways... read more »

3 Ways to Stay Profitable During Covid Shutdowns

Restaurants all around the county shut down last weekend as states set lockdown policies the likes of which haven't been seen since the spring. As residents prepare to experience these past eight months over again, businesses are going into it both better and worse off than they were before: They have more practical experience that has left them very well prepared, but in all likelihood, they've... read more »

Celebrating Thanksgiving During A Pandemic

Despite or perhaps because of the long months of isolation this pandemic has put us all through, people are very eager to see their loved ones this year as the holiday season approaches. Right about now, during a normal November, families would be gathering in preparation for a hearty Thanksgiving dinner together. However, as COVID-19 cases rise all over the country, families are coming to terms... read more »