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Drone Delivery: The Future of Takeout?

El Pollo Loco is a chain of Mexican-style restaurants with nearly 500 locations nationwide. Like many others, they experienced a sharp rise in delivery orders during COVID-19. Now El Pollo Loco is launching a drone delivery service to take takeout to new heights. On June 24th they launched the pilot program. "Air Loco," as it's called, makes what's already convenient even easier. It's cheaper... read more »

How Tokenization Makes Restaurants More Secure

What Is Tokenization? Security is paramount when dealing with customers' payment and personal data. Between growing concerns over security and the legal standards in place, many restaurants now rely on tokenization to lock down sensitive information. Basically, this technology turns private information, like payment details, into virtual "tokens" that have no intrinsic value. However, they do... read more »

The Important Roles Immigrants Play in Food Service

Immigrants Are All Over the Restaurant Industry If you look at food service overall, you'll see immigrants baked into the fabric of the industry. They're front of house workers, back of house workers, managerial staff, business owners and every role in between. They make up 2.1M jobs in the food supply chain, which equals 22% of workers despite encompassing only 17% of American employees... read more »