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Ghost Kitchens: On the Rise or Almost Over?

This past year, restaurants have contended with COVID-19 outbreaks, capacity restrictions, financial distress and so much more. Sit-down service quickly gave way to takeout and delivery; restaurants seized any trend that would keep them open. Soon, ghost kitchens began to boom. Photo courtesy of eatOS Ghost Kitchens Though they've existed for years already, ghost kitchens never thrived to... read more »

Ghost Franchises on the Rise

You've heard of ghost kitchens, where independent brands rent out space from existing brick-and-mortar locations. They save a lot of time and money, not having to build a suitable dining floor or hire front of house workers. Instead, customers get delivery and sometimes takeout services. The brands put all their focus into these off-premise channels which have been useful as a sales tool during this pandemic. Now these one-off restaurants are upping their game: Introducing ghost... read more »

5 Tips for Food Photography

Your food is the main draw of your restaurant, but how can you show off what you have to offer before customers come in? The key is mastering food photography. It naturally helps marketing when you splash them across your website and social media to show off your best dishes. Food photography also helps push items on the menu. Does one particular breakfast dish do worse than the others? Add a mouth-watering photo next to the description and sales for it will grow by themselves. Give... read more »

Advancing Employee Performance

Streamlining employee performance helps maintain the same positive customer experience for every guest who dines at your restaurant. Staff should meet the same standard no matter who's on shift, what management team works that night or if the owner oversees. Advanced Point of Sale systems do just that. With a technological ecosystem that works to benefit all your employees, operations will... read more »