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An Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19, Now What?

Whether you're operating takeout and delivery services only or you live in one of the states reopening this month, restaurant owners all over worry what to do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19. With a dearth of official advice and more confirmed cases every day, small businesses have to rely on their own instincts along with a compilation of various resources they find on the... read more »

Outdoors and Out of the Box: Restaurants Moving Service Outside

At the beginning of May 2020, restaurants in certain states were allowed to partially reopen for dine-in services. Many offered delivery and takeout throughout countrywide shelter-in-place orders, if they didn't temporarily (or permanently) shutter their doors entirely. Now, restaurants all over the country are facing unprecedented and unexpected challenges as they realize that opening to partial... read more »

The Future of Food After COVID-19

Even as everyone finally assimilates life under COVID-19, many wonder what the world will look like once we come out the other side. Under quarantine, people have gotten used to the weeks of staying inside, of ordering delivery and rarely going grocery shopping, and only getting the essentials when they do. After the worst of this virus passes and we all re-emerge, some of our new practices... read more »