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It’s A New Year for Restaurants

The post-holiday season. It's tough enough on an average year to garner attention for your restaurant, but thanks to COVID-19, business is sure to be even less predictable than ever in 2021. The pandemic has made reduced-capacity orders, shutdowns and safety restrictions relatively commonplace and all of that means fewer customers daily. Even without a deadly virus threatening the more »

5 Steps to Training Your Staff on a New Point of Sale

Whether you've been in the restaurant industry for years or are just joining the market now, it's easy to see the value in investing in state-of-the-art restaurant technology that can keep up with the modern demands of the job. Nowadays restaurants are expected to have Point of Sale devices that are mobile, capable of handling near-field communication transactions, offer more »

Sanitizing Your Restaurant Point of Sale

Restaurant technology is designed to make your business run better, but it only works when properly taken care of and maintained. With COVID-19 still such a prevalent threat, restaurants are understandably increasing the frequency of their sanitization process to prioritize the health and safety of everyone who comes into their restaurant. That means more regularly wiping down every touchscreen more »