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Why Do Restaurants Love Customer Facing Displays?

Restaurants will come back in full swing this year. Business owners look forward to the new, new normal—but they also need to start thinking about converting their current flow of delivery orders back to dine-in seating. To guarantee better guest satisfaction than before, consider advanced Point of Sale technology that comes with customer facing displays. These devices are... read more »

Subject Lines: The Key to Better Email Marketing

When it comes to promoting your restaurant and garnering customer attention, email marketing is just as important as social media and optimizing SEO. The best campaigns use sales data to hone in on what your guests want. By personalizing the message, you strengthen customer relationships and improve retention rates in the long-term. How can you create effective email marketing? It starts with... read more »

orderOS Puts Payment Power Back in Diners’ Hands

Payment time. It's the last interaction that guests have with your restaurant, so you want to make it a good one. You know how it works: Customers flag down a passing waiter and get them to hunt down the check, wait however long it takes to get back to the Point of Sale terminal while dodging a sea of other customers clamoring for their attention, wait for the PoS to process the payment, and... read more »

Tired of Poor Profit Margins in Your Restaurant?

Profit margin says a lot about how business is doing. At its most basic, profit margin determines whether you're hemorrhaging money or if you have the reserves to install that shiny new advertising campaign you've had your eye on for months. There are two types “profit margin” to keep your eye on. Gross profit margin compares sales to the cost of everything that goes into making food. Net... read more »