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How Automation Is Taking Over Commercial Kitchens

Automation is growing in the restaurant industry. Putting machines onto certain tasks is both faster and cheaper than onboarding new talent. Meanwhile, automated technology lets management focus on the rest of their workers and offsets the current labor shortage. It's no wonder that it’s spreading into commercial kitchens. Restaurants rely on multiple sales channels now: Delivery, drive-thru... read more »

Is Cryptocurrency Next in Restaurant Digitization?

The food service industry is becoming more automated and online. From contactless ordering to mobile payment, restaurants have digitized themselves more and more. As part of that, some are now pushing the boundaries further: Soon, customers may pay for their meals with cryptocurrency. Though crypto has gotten bigger and bigger, restaurants are still a new territory for this type of... read more »

Are Mask Mandates Back in Restaurants?

The Spread of Mask Mandates It's been a long time since mask mandates were the norm, but they're coming back this autumn as COVID-19 cases spike. With the Delta variant a continued threat, public health orders are calling for masks in bars and restaurants, even for vaccinated customers. L.A. County has had one since mid-July. The mandate works congruently with restaurants choosing to require... read more »

Will A.I. Ordering Take Over Food Service?

The Rise of A.I. Tech Food service is all about convenience these days. From digital loyalty programs that automatically apply saved points, to online ordering platforms with no-contact delivery, customers value ease of use and fast service. That's part of why A.I. technology is gaining popularity across the industry. With smart technology, restaurants are increasing their speed, accuracy and... read more »