Restaurant Point Of Sale


Introducing eatOS POP: The Convenient Point of Sale

Restaurants are always searching for ways to become more efficient, more profitable and better at providing customer service. At eatOS, our team focuses on providing what the industry needs to grow and thrive. Right now that means creating digital solutions for contactless dining and faster order turnaround, among other things. With that in mind, we introduce eatOS POP. What Is eatOS POP? Our... read more »

What to Expect as the Food Supply Chain Recovers

Though mask mandates are coming back in some places, the world is still largely open for the summer. That means restaurants can expect that increase in foot traffic to stay steady as long as it's legal to open. Nonetheless, different types of businesses have their own obstacles affecting recovery. Restaurants need to look up the food supply chain to know what their own business can expect.... read more »