Restaurant Point Of Sale

Self-Service Kiosks

Does Your Restaurant Need More Workers, or Just Self-Service?

Restaurants have spent 2020 adjusting to new systems and revenue sources, but as the world eventually moves beyond COVID-19, dine-in services are going to need to be as streamlined as your delivery operations certainly are by now. When the business finally picks up, you'll find yourself trying to navigate the old industry landscape, complete with ever-changing consumer trends and Point of Sale... read more »

How to Make Your Restaurant Disability-Friendly

Getting ready to open a new restaurant is a serious endeavor, and there's a lot to take into consideration: From the menu to the floor plan to your targeted demographic, owners have their plates full building a business from the ground up. Unfortunately, during all the decisions about which flooring to use and how many tables you can fit inside, a lot of owners don't consider the needs of... read more »

How Self-Serve Kiosks Are Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry

As often happens with new technology, when self-service kiosks first came onto the screen only the elite could afford them: household names like McDonalds and Panera. As they continued to develop, however, these kiosks became cheaper and thus more commonplace. Now small and medium-sized businesses have access to the same incredible technology that previously only giants in the field could... read more »