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Will A.I. Ordering Take Over Food Service?

The Rise of A.I. Tech Food service is all about convenience these days. From digital loyalty programs that automatically apply saved points, to online ordering platforms with no-contact delivery, customers value ease of use and fast service. That's part of why A.I. technology is gaining popularity across the industry. With smart technology, restaurants are increasing their speed, accuracy and... read more »

Get Employee Retention Credits for Your Restaurant

Restaurant Recovery Stalls, Alongside Labor As restaurants try to move forward after the pandemic, they face a lot of roadblocks to full recovery. From the labor shortage to supply chain problems to rising menu prices, restaurants need all the help they can get. To that end, the government is offering Employee Retention Credits to spur recovery. This summer, restaurants made $200B less... read more »

Domino’s Thrives with Unexpected Tech Solutions

In the wake of COVID-19, restaurants big and small seek solutions to problems they never had before. Social distance, cleanliness and transparency are a must. Throughout the pandemic, digitization became increasingly relevant as mobile solutions advanced to meet customers' new expectations. As new problems crop up during restaurant recovery, Domino's Pizza is taking extra measures and relying on... read more »

Serving Robots: The Next Front of House?

Since the pandemic, restaurants have come up with creative solutions to save money. Whether cutting costs, upgrading technology, or finding some other way to adapt, the foodservice industry is exploring unexplored territory. Take, for example, one Florida seafood place that just invested $30K in robots. Image by TheDigitalArtist from Pixabay Who They Are Mr. Q Crab House in Hollywood,... read more »