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The Important Roles Immigrants Play in Food Service

Immigrants Are All Over the Restaurant Industry If you look at food service overall, you'll see immigrants baked into the fabric of the industry. They're front of house workers, back of house workers, managerial staff, business owners and every role in between. They make up 2.1M jobs in the food supply chain, which equals 22% of workers despite encompassing only 17% of American employees... read more »

Good News for Restaurants: Uber and Menufy Team Up

Better Delivery Services Delivery and takeout took off during COVID-19 because customers love the convenience and speed that online ordering affords. That's why apps like Uber have enjoyed such popularity. It's safe and contact-free, but just as delicious as going to the restaurant to eat. Lots of restaurants signed up with third party services to get their food to customers, especially since... read more »

Beverage Dispensers: Next in Restaurant Automation?

Restaurants found new solutions for all kinds of problems they never experienced before last year. During the pandemic, social distance became a necessity. Contactless dining options prevailed, and in fact, became so popular that customers still prefer automation now during the recovery period. While delivery and takeout quickly developed touch-free options, restaurant technology is still... read more »