How Automation Is Taking Over Commercial Kitchens

Automation is growing in the restaurant industry. Putting machines onto certain tasks is both faster and cheaper than onboarding new talent. Meanwhile, automated technology lets management focus on the rest of their workers and offsets the current labor shortage. It’s no wonder that it’s spreading into commercial kitchens.

Restaurants rely on multiple sales channels now: Delivery, drive-thru and dine-in menus may differ, too. Computerizing the back of the house could be the boost necessary to bring all of them to their greatest potential.

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Sweetgreen Buys Automation Tech

Two locations in Boston are already familiar with the automated kitchen technology that Spyce uses. There, conveyor belts serve guests without human interaction whatsoever. They cook and distribute entirely on their own, leaving workers to focus on prep work.

Now that same technology is coming to Sweetgreen. The fast-casual chain recently acquired Spyce, and is looking to implement the same automation in their own commercial kitchens. This technology speeds order turns, increases accuracy and streamlines food prep by allocating more staff attention to it.

Crown Series Introduces Cooking Zones

The Taylor Company, food service equipment manufacturer, recently unveiled a new Crown Series line. With cooking zones, separate grills operate on different temperatures to guarantee food is cooked appropriately, lower the risk of cross-contamination and avoid flavors leaching into other dishes. Each grill also self-adjusts to consistently cook food all the way through.

It has an easy-to-use touchscreen and can preprogram more than 50 menu items, thus streamlining training for new cooks. They also use less energy than traditional methods because you can shut down whichever ones aren’t in use. This efficiency and speed leads to better food and therefore greater customer satisfaction, which leads to long-term loyalty.

Automation in Kitchen Displays

Streamline communication between the front and back of house with a Kitchen Display Screen made by eatOS. These tablets, equipped to withstand a commercial kitchen, show orders instead of relying on paper tickets that can easily get misconstrued, lost or damaged. Submit orders directly to the back, rather than servers running to and from their tables.

Meanwhile, the kitchen runs more efficiently. Prep station routing capabilities direct orders to their appropriate work stations throughout the kitchen so cooks can get started immediately. Queue ordering prioritizes dishes to send out orders for an entire table at the same time, and to make sure nobody waits too long for their food. We also provide multilingual support options so everyone can use the language they’re most comfortable with. This is designed to make running commercial kitchens as easy as reading a screen.

| eatOS December 1, 2021 restaurant automation

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