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Is Your Restaurant On Board With the Latest Industry Trends?

In mercurial industries like hospitality, preferences come and go much quicker than the seasons. As a restaurant owner, it can be difficult to get ahead of new trends or even join the bandwagon before passing. The still-prevalent threat of COVID-19 not only eats into profits but has introduced a whole world of new expectations when it comes to dining out. Thankfully, modern technology helps restaurant owners like you... read more »

5 Steps to Training Your Staff on a New Point of Sale

Whether you've been in the restaurant industry for years or are just joining the market now, it's easy to see the value in investing in state-of-the-art restaurant technology that can keep up with the modern demands of the job. Nowadays restaurants are expected to have Point of Sale devices that are mobile, capable of handling near-field communication transactions, offer self-service options, and more.... read more »

3 Ways to Stay Profitable During Covid Shutdowns

Restaurants all around the county shut down last weekend as states set lockdown policies the likes of which haven't been seen since the spring. As residents prepare to experience these past eight months over again, businesses are going into it both better and worse off than they were before: They have more practical experience that has left them very well prepared, but in all likelihood, they've got less money saved up to... read more »

What On-the-Go Reporting Means for Your Restaurant

As a business owner, it's natural to worry about the health and wellness of your restaurant. Especially when you can't be on the premises all the time, it's natural for restaurant managers to look for other ways to ascertain that their restaurant is making the best possible operational decisions, even when they’re not being monitored by people higher up on the chain of command.... read more »