Restaurant Point Of Sale

Community Outreach Strategies

Community Highlight: My Green Lunch

When Todd Evjenth started My Green Lunch in 2012, he aimed to feed delicious, organic food to local schoolchildren in Silicon Valley. However, once the COVID-19 pandemic touched down in the area and necessitated shelter-in-place protocols, there were suddenly no schools in the area to help—but still plenty of children in need. For that reason, the lunch catering company decided to turn its attention to the community at... read more »

Restaurant Highlight: Dig Food Group

Since Adam Eskin first opened Dig (formerly known as Dig Inn) in 2011, it's grown into a multifaceted business endeavor that now spans multiple states and involves more than just restaurants. Dig began as a way to provide healthy, locally-sourced meals to guests and simultaneously support family farms in the community. Now, however, Dig has locations in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Rye Brook and Brooklyn, and they deliver... read more »

Community Highlight: St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance

Nonprofit organizations that distribute food, collect money and deploy volunteers are extremely important to getting families the supplies they need. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever need assistance and support. Those nonprofit groups have had to adapt their organizational strategies and their volume of output in order to provide the relief that their communities have come to both expect and depend... read more »

New York’s Statewide COVID-19 Relief Efforts

From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York state has taken swift and extension action to flatten the curve in their community. Because of these strict stay-at-home orders, the state developed programs to feed their citizens even if they can't return to work, don't have the money or ability to shop for themselves, and don't have access to any other resources. The Get Food NYC program, according to the tagline, is... read more »