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Coronavirus Pandemic

Food Service Businesses Doing Well in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the restaurant industry in general. Still, some businesses are coming out stronger than before. Whether because they found their niche with a new customer base, launched sales channels that met demands just coming to light in COVID-19, or some businesses just tend to do well in hard times. The question remains: How did some foodservice thrive in a pandemic? Photo by call me hangry... read more »

Restaurants Give Back: Does Charity Drive Sales?

Money has become a bigger concern for the restaurant industry than ever before, because of COVID-19. Customers are less financially secure, likewise for businesses, and the community as a whole hasn't fared much better. When guests do spend money, they want to know it goes to a worthwhile cause. Because of this, as you get more involved with charity, sales will soar. Why is that? Photo by RODNAE Productions from... read more »

Indoor Dining Returns: Is Your Restaurant Ready?

After more than a year, indoor dining is coming back. As more vaccinations roll out across the United States and life finally edges toward normal, restaurants are excited to return in full force. However, this transition won’t be quick. We've tried rapid reopening and closures before, last summer, and it cost the industry steeply. The road to recovery will involve adaption for the return of indoor dining. Photo by... read more »

American Rescue Plan to Restaurants’ Aid

Recently, the U.S. passed a $1.9T stimulus to get the country back on its feet. Most restaurants still struggle to bring in as much business as before. The economy will also need a boost to convince Americans, who have had significant financial difficulties this year, to spend more money dining out even after we see the other side of this. That's what the American Rescue Plan intends to do. The stimulus sets aside $28.5B... read more »