Restaurant Point Of Sale

Coronavirus Pandemic

Serving Robots: The Next Front of House?

Since the pandemic, restaurants have come up with creative solutions to save money. Whether cutting costs, upgrading technology, or finding some other way to adapt, the foodservice industry is exploring unexplored territory. Take, for example, one Florida seafood place that just invested $30K in robots. Image by TheDigitalArtist from Pixabay Who They Are Mr. Q Crab House in Hollywood, Florida installed three new workers... read more »

Why Restaurants Want Direct Delivery

The Problem With Third Parties When COVID-19 first began, restaurants learned to turn their attention to off-premise ordering channels. By summer, takeout services reigned supreme. From their end, customers got used to the ease and efficiency of scrolling through the apps. During this surge in popularity, restaurants continued to struggle with razor-thin profit margins. Now, they’re looking at direct delivery... read more »

Restaurants Have a Labor Shortage

Why Is There a Labor Shortage? As vaccinations increase and daily cases of COVID-19 go down, restaurants hope to finally get back to normal for real this summer. But they're finding it difficult to hire back the staff they need. There's a labor shortage in the hospitality industry, and it's hitting everyone hard. Although they've been called "essential" workers all year, restaurant employees still experience poor wages,... read more »

Planning For Your Restaurant’s Future

As we finally leave the pandemic behind, the restaurant industry will reemerge into a much different marketplace than the one it left behind. For starters, restaurants and consumers alike have experienced severe financial stress because of COVID-19. We're shifting back toward normalcy, but how can businesses effectively plan for the future when it's unclear what a post-vaccine world will hold? People are more cautious now.... read more »