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Coronavirus Pandemic

Can Self-Service Kiosks Survive a Pandemic?

Self-service Kiosks have gotten more popular in the past several years as customers enjoy the ease and convenience completing their own orders. With faster turnaround and more accuracy, restaurants have steadily implemented Kiosks like the ones powered by eatOS for their own and their customers' sakes. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic drawing concern over sharing devices with someone else and throwing a wrench into sit-down... read more »

Restaurant Technology You Need in 2021

As the world finally starts the journey toward recovery, the effects of this pandemic will influence society for years to come. Take the business world for example: Consumer trends now focus primarily on self-service and contact-free solutions, because of COVID-19. Restaurant technology has created a positive customer experience without face-to-face contact. Sargis Chilingaryan on Unsplash Now is the time to evaluate... read more »

Will Restaurants Recover in 2021?

A year ago, COVID-19 changed the restaurant industry. Even if America follows its projected timeline for mass vaccinations, we're still unlikely to fully "return to normal" until well into the summer and fall. As recovery restarts, it may not be the easy journey that some industry professionals are hoping to see. Restaurant Recovery? Last year, the closest we got to recovery was reintegration of dine-in services, but of... read more »

Should Your Restaurant Staff Get Vaccinated?

Nearly a year after the coronavirus pandemic irrevocably changed our lives, the world finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel. The first vaccines were announced last November, and now, even more are being developed, approved, and distributed to the public. The National Restaurant Association, known colloquially throughout the industry as "the other NRA," has been campaigning hard to open restaurant employees to... read more »