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Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Promotions to Market Your Restaurant This Holiday Season

The winter holidays: Usually an exceptionally busy time of year for the hospitality industry, the introduction of COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in restaurants' revenue during this happy season. Now, more and more businesses are left wondering where they stand and how they can incorporate modern technology in a way that hopefully saves their business from going under this year. Restaurant tech like the kind offered by... read more »

3 Ways to Stay Profitable During Covid Shutdowns

Restaurants all around the county shut down last weekend as states set lockdown policies the likes of which haven't been seen since the spring. As residents prepare to experience these past eight months over again, businesses are going into it both better and worse off than they were before: They have more practical experience that has left them very well prepared, but in all likelihood, they've got less money saved up to... read more »

Sanitizing Your Restaurant Point of Sale

Restaurant technology is designed to make your business run better, but it only works when properly taken care of and maintained. With COVID-19 still such a prevalent threat, restaurants are understandably increasing the frequency of their sanitization process to prioritize the health and safety of everyone who comes into their restaurant. That means more regularly wiping down every touchscreen Point of Sale device in their... read more »

eatOS Joins the Fight for Restaurant Recovery

It's been a very tough year for the hospitality industry. The COVID-19 pandemic devastated restaurants all over the world to an unprecedented degree with no sign of stopping, forcing many businesses to close after months of financial struggle. A lot of owners wondered how long this pandemic would last and how they were supposed to get their businesses healthy again while the virus still poses such a significant threat, and... read more »