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Covid-19 Pandemic

Get Employee Retention Credits for Your Restaurant

Restaurant Recovery Stalls, Alongside Labor As restaurants try to move forward after the pandemic, they face a lot of roadblocks to full recovery. From the labor shortage to supply chain problems to rising menu prices, restaurants need all the help they can get. To that end, the government is offering Employee Retention Credits to spur recovery. This summer, restaurants made $200B less relative to a normal year. There... read more »

Will Vaccination Proof Soon Be Countrywide?

New York Makes Big Moves Against the Delta Variant New York has long been considered an indicator of up-and-coming trends. That's why so many eyes are on the city lately, as Mayor de Blasio recently announced that dining indoors at restaurants will now require proof of vaccination against COVID-19. This move is the city's latest attempt to prevent a third wave, particularly as the Delta variant threatens our return to... read more »

Is Hard Seltzer on the Way Out the Door?

Hard Seltzer Sales Go Down During the worst of the pandemic, drink sales skyrocketed. Quarantine made people bored, and they missed going out with their friends, so virtual happy hours via Zoom abounded. Yet throughout that, people also became more conscious of their physical wellbeing. With a deadly virus going around, consumers trended toward healthy eating—and that included alcohol. Sales for everything from beer to... read more »

New OSHA Employee Vaccination Standards

Restaurants can finally reopen for good this summer, and they’re excited for the chance. However, certain issues still present obstacles. For example, not every restaurant employee has been vaccinated yet. As front-facing workers, they were eligible early on, and now most adults who want the vaccine have an appointment. OSHA recently released new guidelines about employees, their vaccination status and what that means for... read more »