Restaurant Point Of Sale

Covid-19 Pandemic

What to Expect as the Food Supply Chain Recovers

Though mask mandates are coming back in some places, the world is still largely open for the summer. That means restaurants can expect that increase in foot traffic to stay steady as long as it's legal to open. Nonetheless, different types of businesses have their own obstacles affecting recovery. Restaurants need to look up the food supply chain to know what their own business can expect. Photo by Carl Campbell on... read more »

The New Approach to Culinary Training

The restaurant industry underwent a lot of change during the pandemic. As they get ready to reopen for good, customer expectations and the overall dining experience remains permanently changed. Certain behaviors and trends will stick around. Why not train up-and-coming workers differently from the start? Some culinary schools are thinking about that. These students are experiencing an expanded curriculum that gives them... read more »

Where’s Curbside Pickup Headed Next?

Dining out has changed ever since the pandemic began. Sit-down service is still under suspicion, and even dipping inside to get takeout makes many customers uncomfortable. These fears are amplified amongst those who live with young kids, older family members, or people with health issues that make them more vulnerable. Whether because they think it's safer, less expensive, or more convenient to get takeout than delivery,... read more »

Wine Returns with Fine Dining

Mass Return of Fine Dining After more than a year, restaurants reopen for good this summer. California's set to return to full capacity this month. Wine country will come roaring back alongside other businesses, and all the good that comes with fine dining. Customers can look forward to sommeliers at dinner, vineyard tours, and wine tastings. You just can't replicate some experiences online, so although your sales channels may have shifted during the pandemic, now you can go back to business... read more »