Restaurant Point Of Sale

Customer Experience, is it matter?

Why Restaurants Need Customer Retention

Any restaurant manager knows how important it is to grow your existing customer base. It's why restaurants spend so much time on advertisements and targeted marketing campaigns to bring in new business. But did you know that it's more expensive to garner new customers than it is to focus on the ones you have? We're talking about customer retention. Established patrons spend nearly 70% more on average than recruits. They're... read more »

Does Your Restaurant Provide Good Customer Service?

Customer satisfaction is the most important part of any restaurant. Loyal guests are the cornerstone of successful businesses, with repeated patronage offering much-needed profit and free word-of-mouth advertisement when they recommend you to their friends. With extra focus on positive customer interactions and catering to their needs, you’ll build a stronger business with a dedicated audience who wants to see you... read more »

Is Your Restaurant Ready for Card-Not-Present Transactions?

Restaurants used to be a cash-only industry, but now there are a wide variety of payment methods that customers can choose from when they order in or dine out. While EMV-enabled card payments have been the norm for awhile and mobile transactions enjoyed popularity since their invention too, there's a new contender rising amongst consumers: Card-not-present transactions.... read more »

California Teams Up with FEMA to Feed the Elderly

Everyone's struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, but no one perhaps feels the burden more than our immunocompromised and elderly populations. Many dedicated good Samaritans have already worked hard to help those that need it most: for example, offering to go to the grocery store for their older neighbors (and in some cases, even paying for their supplies themselves), local stores offering dedicated hours for the elderly to... read more »