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Restaurant Highlight: Dig Food Group

Since Adam Eskin first opened Dig (formerly known as Dig Inn) in 2011, it's grown into a multifaceted business endeavor that now spans multiple states and involves more than just restaurants. Dig began as a way to provide healthy, locally-sourced meals to guests and simultaneously support family farms in the community. Now, however, Dig has locations in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Rye Brook and Brooklyn, and they deliver... read more »

Consider Partnering With These Third Party Apps

Delivery has risen in popularity as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. With shelter-in-place measures forcing everyone indoors, making people scared to go to the grocery store and forbidding dine-in services at restaurants across the world, many have increased how often they order in. Most restaurants previously placed their focus on dine-in services and didn't pay as much attention to delivery. Now, though, that's the only... read more »

Restaurant Highlight: Sichuan Impression

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, restaurants have adapted their management strategies to accommodate new precautions in line with evolving public safety mandates. These measures, meant to protect the public from spreading the infection and to encourage everyone to follow self-isolation guidelines as closely as possible, require flexibility and ingenuity in areas that, previously, restaurants never had to consider adapting.... read more »

How to Protect Delivery Workers from COVID-19

Delivery workers are some of the precious few who have been classified as "essential employees" who still go to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means they risk infection to get people's groceries to their door so that everyone else can safely stay inside. However, because they come into contact with so many people and spend time in restaurants and grocery stores picking up orders, they need to take certain measures to... read more »