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Is Direct Mail Advertising Right for Restaurants?

When you're considering how to market your business, direct mail advertising may not be your first idea. Given the increased dependency on digitization that's sprung up during COVID-19, mobile service is going strong. Email newsletters, which you may use now, is just one example of how online marketing has become so common. But direct mail isn't dead. When the pandemic shut down dine-in services, people began eating at... read more »

How to Reduce Employee Turnover at Your Restaurant

What's Going On With the Labor Shortage? Restaurants are experiencing a labor shortage right now. Employee turnover skyrocketed during the pandemic, creating difficulties in finding workers who would stick around long-term. Even as restaurants reopen this summer, they don’t have the staff for full capacity There are a few reasons for that, among them low pay and concerns about COVID-19. Whatever your workforce's reasoning,... read more »

How Tokenization Makes Restaurants More Secure

What Is Tokenization? Security is paramount when dealing with customers' payment and personal data. Between growing concerns over security and the legal standards in place, many restaurants now rely on tokenization to lock down sensitive information. Basically, this technology turns private information, like payment details, into virtual "tokens" that have no intrinsic value. However, they do translate into meaningful data... read more »

Why QSRs Attract Different Age Groups

The Rise of Online Ordering in QSRs QSRs are an integral food service model. They're convenient to use both in-person and online. As digitization swept the restaurant industry the past two years, fast food shouldered the change particularly well. Counter service is easier to transform into takeout and delivery, especially if you already have a drive-thru ready to use. Contactless service became a must in the early days of... read more »