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Domino’s Thrives with Unexpected Tech Solutions

In the wake of COVID-19, restaurants big and small seek solutions to problems they never had before. Social distance, cleanliness and transparency are a must. Throughout the pandemic, digitization became increasingly relevant as mobile solutions advanced to meet customers' new expectations. As new problems crop up during restaurant recovery, Domino's Pizza is taking extra measures and relying on technology in innovative... read more »

Delivery Co-Ops: The Answer to High Commission Fees?

Why Join Third Party Services? During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, food delivery took off. With dine-in restrictions in place, restaurants needed a surefire way to make money. Meanwhile customers still enjoy the ease and efficiency of ordering their favorite restaurants right to their door. As one of the few socially distant options available, takeout and delivery have grown enormously this past year. For... read more »

Are Delivery Fee Caps Here to Stay?

How Delivery Fee Caps Came to Be During the pandemic, online orders surged. After local restaurants closed dine-in seating, they had to find socially distant alternatives to avoid going into the red. Meanwhile customers grew used to ordering delivery straight to their door. It was one of the few safe, convenient and legal options besides cooking, which many were too busy to do with a newly-full house to manage. Thus the... read more »

Why Restaurants Want Direct Delivery

The Problem With Third Parties When COVID-19 first began, restaurants learned to turn their attention to off-premise ordering channels. By summer, takeout services reigned supreme. From their end, customers got used to the ease and efficiency of scrolling through the apps. During this surge in popularity, restaurants continued to struggle with razor-thin profit margins. Now, they’re looking at direct delivery... read more »