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After COVID-19, Online Ordering Still Grows

Online Ordering After COVID-19 Restaurants around the country opened this summer after more than a year of pandemic-related complications. To adapt, many opened contactless dining options. Delivery was by far the most popular option, as it was a convenient way for guests and restaurants to safely continue doing business together. Yet despite service floors reopening to sit-down customers, online ordering continues to... read more »

Who Spends the Most on Online Ordering?

Who Uses Online Ordering? During the pandemic, restaurants have relied on online ordering platforms. Pickup and delivery have embedded themselves into the mainstream because of lockdown procedures and social distance regulations. According to Business of Apps, the US food delivery industry had 111M users last year. Clearly it’s a trend worth jumping on. Therefore, as a small business owner, get a handle on who spends the... read more »

Increase Food Orders with Online Channels

Takeout and delivery channels have become extremely important to restaurants since COVID-19. Now two-thirds of consumers regularly rely on off-premise dining, and they would overwhelmingly prefer to come directly to you rather than go through third party channels for their food orders. Photo courtesy of eatOS To generate more sales, learn how to direct the bulk of your customers to these profitable online channels.... read more »

Benefits of an All-in-One Restaurant Ordering System

It's 2021 and no matter what kind of food service business you run, whether QSRs or fine dining, your best customers are getting increasingly used to the ease of online ordering. The more accustomed they become with the familiarity of a system that lets them order their favorite lunch in just a few clicks, the more obvious it gets why this trend isn't going away, even once the pandemic ends. Online ordering solutions have... read more »