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Good News for L.A. Restaurants? The County Set to Reopen Outdoor Dining

On Monday, January 25th Governor Newsom lifted regional stay-at-home orders across California. This, in effect, gives the reigns back over to individual counties for them to decide how to monitor COVID-19 cases and manage capacity restrictions. Fresh Start for a New Year If you run a restaurant in L.A. County, you're looking at outdoor dining as soon as this weekend—with capacity restrictions in place, of course. With... read more »

Here’s Why Every Restaurant Should Use Recipe Cards

No matter what your restaurant serves or how experienced a kitchen staff you’ve got, every one of them will benefit from recipe cards. They're an especially helpful tool when training new back-of-house staff because recipe cards are an easy reference for them to use, which improves overall food quality and consistency, reduces food waste, stabilizes your profits and leads to happier customers.... read more »