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Online Ordering

Why Younger Gens Love Order By Phone

If you keep a close eye on restaurant trends, you may have noticed that Gen Z and Millennials are leaning into digital service. As more businesses incorporated online delivery and takeout channels, these tech-savvy generations gravitated toward them. Now they’re comfortable this way. As the industry eases toward recovery, order by phone and pay by phone are both taking off within these age groups. Photo by Priscilla Du... read more »

Why Your Restaurant Needs Online Ordering

The past year has changed how we dine out. Now, providing a positive customer experience involves POS systems that support online ordering. As guest behavior changes, you need restaurant technology that evolves too. According to the National Restaurant Association, 61% of customers would order delivery from sit-down establishments if it were a more widespread option. Clearly, popular opinion trends toward streamlined... read more »

8 Tips to Improve Online Ordering

Online ordering has thrived this past year thanks to social distance regulations and more stringent sanitation procedures. Two-thirds of consumers report ordering takeout every week, and most of them would much rather come directly to you rather than use third party services. Restaurants want the same thing. Third parties tend to take hefty commissions, so you save profit by building your own online ordering platforms.... read more »

Restaurants Adapt for Evolving Consumer Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everyone's way of life. What appealed to restaurant customers in January 2020 isn’t relevant anymore. As guests adapted to dine-in restrictions and mask mandates, their priorities shifted. Amidst changing consumer trends, restaurants need to meet their needs in-store, online and anywhere else that a touchpoint exists. Tech-forward solutions create a smoother dining experience every time.... read more »