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Ghost Kitchens: On the Rise or Almost Over?

This past year, restaurants have contended with COVID-19 outbreaks, capacity restrictions, financial distress and so much more. Sit-down service quickly gave way to takeout and delivery; restaurants seized any trend that would keep them open. Soon, ghost kitchens began to boom. Ghost Kitchens Though they've existed for years already, ghost kitchens never thrived to this extent. They're also known more »

Now You Can Text Your Favorite Restaurants

Digital restaurant solutions have taken off since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Online ordering supports social distance and gives restaurants a chance to operate through reduced sales channels. Some businesses have also introduced text ordering for simultaneous safety and convenience. Text ordering is exactly what it sounds like, customers messaging their favorite restaurants. Everyone has their cell on them most more »

Why Your Restaurant Needs Online Ordering

The past year has changed how we dine out. Now, providing a positive customer experience involves POS systems that support online ordering. As guest behavior changes, you need restaurant technology that evolves too. According to the National Restaurant Association, 61% of customers would order delivery from sit-down establishments if it were a more widespread option. Clearly, popular opinion trends more »