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New in Town? Avoid Restaurant Failure with these 5 Tips

Ever noticed that the trendy new restaurant down the street only stays for a few months? Then a juice bar takes its place, then a brunching diner, and then a fancy sit-down dinner spot. The food service industry is a precarious marketplace that leads many owners to restaurant failure if they can’t excel. In fact, the National Restaurant Association estimates the average restaurant failure rate at 30%, although many... read more »

How to Create a Restaurant Business Plan

Starting a new restaurant venture is very exciting. Between brainstorming business names and inventing delicious new dishes, green owners also need to build a robust plan to entice potential investors and give themselves a clear path to follow into the future. The restaurant industry is often wrought with high employee turnover and thin profit margins, so a detailed business plan is a useful structure for making decisions... read more »

Is Profit Margin Helping or Hindering Your Restaurant?

Owning a restaurant is hard work. From staff management to customer satisfaction to expense optimization that makes the most of your investments, there's a lot to consider before making even the smallest operational change. How can you guarantee that your business is gaining traction? By watching and managing your profit margin, you'll learn the best metrics for achieving financial success. What is Profit Margin? Simply... read more »

The Many Hats of Restaurant Ownership

Restaurant ownership is hectic around the clock. From planning to open up your first small business to actually handling the day-to-day demands of the venture, you know how time-consuming, fast-paced and volatile the restaurant industry is. You've got a lot on your plate, and you need to make constant, quick decisions about what deserves your attention the most. At the top of the chain of command, there's no need to sweat... read more »