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How to Master Restaurant Marketing

When it comes to restaurant marketing, did you know that a Point of Sale system is your best asset? Although how to get your name out there may change with the times, eatOS builds adaptability into our devices. Now with COVID-19 in retreat, competition has flooded the market and everyone wants their customers back. The most successful campaigns focus on what your intended base wants, as well as what's most true to your... read more »

How to Celebrate Fourth of July at Your Restaurant

5 Ways to Make a Memorable Fourth of July It's nearly Independence Day, and restaurants all over the country will run special promotions. It's not just the Fourth of July, but the first big celebration of the summer after a long year of COVID-19. Customers are also excited to kick off the month with the usual festivities. It's a great chance for restaurants to throw something special and welcome back guests for post-pandemic... read more »

Is Your Email Marketing Up to Scratch?

As their customers get more comfortable online, restaurants have to find new ways to reach them. Email marketing has become an invaluable tool for businesses. Building a listserv to send out digital newsletters enables you to put targeted campaigns directly in your best customers' inboxes. Done right, they're guaranteed to view and buy what you have to offer. Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash Exemplify your brand in... read more »

Food Trends That Will Define 2021

The pandemic has caused restaurant customers to change their behavior. Between social distance regulations, masks, fear, and the usual way that time changes what’s in vogue, diners have had to adapt. New food trends now dominate the industry. What are they, and how will they change as we start to move beyond the pandemic? Drink and Food Trends People have had a lot of time to take their health and lifestyle into... read more »