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Looking at Restaurant Recovery in 2021

So far, 2021 seems like a better year for restaurants. With vaccines rolling out and states reopening safely, the other side of this pandemic has finally come into sight. Nevertheless, restaurant recovery needs more than just steady traffic. After a year of budget cuts, layoffs, and furloughs, and not to mention a whole lot of profit loss, the foodservice industry needs relief efforts to get back to its former glory.... read more »

Reopening a Restaurant in 2021

After over a year, restaurants finally look forward to reopening back up for good. Despite continuing safety regulations, you can still build a strong business while paying attention to the procedures that get the world back to "normal". Restaurants that pay attention to customer preferences and streamline their business to prioritize profitable sales channels will move forward faster. If last summer is any indication,... read more »

Will Restaurants Recover in 2021?

A year ago, COVID-19 changed the restaurant industry. Even if America follows its projected timeline for mass vaccinations, we're still unlikely to fully "return to normal" until well into the summer and fall. As recovery restarts, it may not be the easy journey that some industry professionals are hoping to see. Restaurant Recovery? Last year, the closest we got to recovery was reintegration of dine-in services, but of... read more »