Restaurant Point Of Sale

Restaurant Technology and COVID-19

Why Restaurant Technology Matters

As restaurant technology advanced this year, smart Point of Sale systems became more commonplace. So did other soft- and hardware like Kitchen Display Screens, handheld POS and mobile alternatives to dining in. The question remains: Why do customers favor automation and smart technology? Blake Wisz on Unsplash Restaurant Technology and Efficiency 1. Focus on the Guest Experience As key aspects of the customer... read more »

Payment Processors for Your Small Business

As customer preferences change and the food service industry evolves too, restaurants need to equip themselves with modern technology that makes good service possible. This extends even to the transaction that rounds out the meal. Adaptable, modern payment methods make a huge difference to the customer experience. Image by Charles Thompson from Pixabay Introducing eatOS payment system, the smart choice for small... read more »

Restaurant Technology You Need in 2021

As the world finally starts the journey toward recovery, the effects of this pandemic will influence society for years to come. Take the business world for example: Consumer trends now focus primarily on self-service and contact-free solutions, because of COVID-19. Restaurant technology has created a positive customer experience without face-to-face contact. Sargis Chilingaryan on Unsplash Now is the time to evaluate... read more »