Restaurant Point Of Sale


Should You Switch from Legacy to SaaS?

Anyone still using an old legacy point of sale system probably considers it more secure than cloud systems, or else they simply prefer the familiarity of it. However, traditional doesn't mean better. As technology evolves, new products tend to work most compatibility with cloud-based servers that can keep up with technological advances. Of course, switching POS systems takes time, costs a lot and disrupts business. So why... read more »

eatOS to Integrate Square and Clover

With the right technology, restaurants can process orders easily and swiftly from any of their connected devices. That's why Square and Clover point of sale apps are already big hits: They're easy-to-use systems with secure payment methods that ensure customers' safety and businesses' prosperity. Now eatOS is integrating with Square and Clover so that restaurants using their advanced software can still get the highest grade... read more »

What to Expect from Your POS System: A Cost Analysis

Today’s most advanced POS systems consolidate all of your business operations onto one server that connects all your devices. They manage payment, inventory, the menu, employees, loyalty programs, online ordering and delivery, tableside service and payment, and more. Some of these features are likely more integral to you than others, depending on your business and where you’re able or willing to cut costs. With so many... read more »