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Workforce Management

Re-Staff Your Restaurant Quick

The Current State of Restaurant Staffing Restaurants are finally getting to reopen for good this summer. Unfortunately, a labor shortage struck at the same time. As dining out picks back up in the next few months, these businesses need to quickly rehire all the staff they lost at the beginning of the pandemic. The labor shortage comes from three main places, which restaurants need to address if they want to gain back a... read more »

How to Improve Staff Communication

The Perks of Staff Communication The restaurant industry wants to improve employee satisfaction and retention. Turnover in the industry is famously rampant, and they're experiencing a labor shortage right now because of COVID-19. All of this affects the productivity of those still employed. To solve this tangled web of problems, restaurants are looking at improving their staff communication. Employees who like each other,... read more »

Restaurants Have a Labor Shortage

Why Is There a Labor Shortage? As vaccinations increase and daily cases of COVID-19 go down, restaurants hope to finally get back to normal for real this summer. But they're finding it difficult to hire back the staff they need. There's a labor shortage in the hospitality industry, and it's hitting everyone hard. Although they've been called "essential" workers all year, restaurant employees still experience poor wages,... read more »

Point of Sale: The Key to Workforce Management

Restaurants only run as well as their best employees. To achieve high productivity and profitability, your restaurant needs superior workforce management features like those provided by eatOS. Bring your staff to the next level with a better Point of Sale. Photo courtesy of eatOS The Best Point of Sale for the Best Workforce Management If you've got a sizable sales staff, or manage multiple venues for your brand, strong... read more »