Vaccine Verification Now Available on OpenTable

OpenTable is a popular reservation app that’s been helping customers get into their favorite restaurants since 1988. What started online has become an iOS and Android compatible app, helping customers and businesses alike. Now they’re taking note of the latest consumer needs: Proving they got their vaccine.

States across the country reinstated mask mandates and now require proof of vaccination or a recent, negative COVID-19 test. Even without a concrete law, many restaurants are opting to see proof anyway. As safety becomes a growing concern, OpenTable is seizing the opportunity to help, not just with reservations, but customer and employee safety too.

Vaccine Verification on the Go

Dining in is back in force, but not the way it worked before. Now many restaurants require proof that you’re unlikely to spread COVID-19. These concerns are only growing, directly proportional to the rise of Delta.

Fortunately for restaurants and customers alike, OpenTable is partnering with CLEAR, a secure ID verification software compatible with iOS and Android. Starting in September, these two platforms will join forces to provide a digital vaccine card. This Health Pass shows on their OpenTable account so once they properly vet customers, they don’t have to prove their vaccination status again upon return.

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OpenTable isn’t the first to think up this concept. Already certain places issue digital cards that sit in your Apple Wallet, and other online solutions are available for many citizens, but not all. This partnership provides a way to streamline table service when guests arrive for their reservation.

How OpenTable Checks Vaccine Status

The app now lets restaurants include “Proof of Vaccination” amongst their safety requirements. They can then track which customers are good to enter through their OpenTable account. Thus, guests get seated more quickly when they arrive.

Here’s how OpenTable works to prevent fraud:

  • Cross-checking vaccine information using photo recognition software that references veritable CDC cards.
  • When people upload a picture of a physical card, they have to confirm their identity with a picture of their face alongside a government-issued ID.

CLEAR doesn’t store private information, only confirms that you’re safe to dine in. The customer can then pull up the vaccine confirmation with their reservation, without worrying about compromising safety for convenience. Since new features take time to get familiar with, OpenTable also added a direct messaging feature so guests and restaurants can DM about restrictions, expectations and more.

Streamline the Dining Experience

Take reservations, manage customer relationships and motivate a stronger workforce when you get smarter restaurant technology. Modern Point of Sales track your progress so you can see what changes, like the addition of vaccine-conscious reservations, are helping you grow.

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